Of Pulling [espresso] Shots

Under a confused weather on an early afternoon of September 3rd, I drove to Concept Specialist HQ in Quezon City to attend a workshop for coffee lovers. I was under the impression that I’ll be covering the event – snap photos around, post them in Instagram and write about the event in this blog. To my pleasant surprise, I am one of the lucky few to participate in this random workshop to showcase Sanremo’s professional coffee machines and Delonghi’s home coffee equipment.


The workshop started with the introduction of Sanremo and Delonghi products. Short videos were played back-to-back to get more appreciation of the afternoon’s stars! A quick introduction of different manual brewing methods followed shortly which was spearheaded by Mike Canlas, a veteran in the local coffee industry and one of Concept Specialist’s main man! From my usual home brewing gear, the French press to Aeropress and, even the ibrik for the Turkish coffee, we got to differentiate different manual methods of extracting a flavour for a specialty coffee experience.

The familiarisation exercise on the various brewing methods is nothing but the perfect prelude to Sanremo’s flagship product, the OPERA. Its exterior can easily be compared to a luxury car. Mike diligently showed us how it works. After a few coffee grinding, tamping and purging, each one of us got to try to pull our own (my first!) espresso shot. Mine lacked pressure on tamping so I got a very watered down espresso shot with not much of a body and texture.


After enjoying our time in the exquisite Opera, we moved on to bridging the similar professional machine experience to a home equipment through Delonghi’s DEDICA. It is a very handy espresso machine perfect for your coffee party en su casa! Steam your milk right after pulling your perfect shot and create your own cappuccino and flat white with latte art!


To complete the comparison, we also got to try the fully automatic ELETTA. You only need to put in whole beans! The machine will grind it and pull you an awesome shot. Place your chilled milk in the holder and it will steam to perfection! With a press of a button, you can choose from getting a cappuccino, a long black and flat white, among others.


And to cap the day off, we were given the liberty to try any espresso machine we want and try to come up with our signature drinks! I instantly called dibs on a silver DEDICA and had to pull three shots before getting the perfect one. Double Trouble is what Mike called my drink. Too sweet even for me! It’s a mix of chocolate sauce and caramel, one shot of espresso, milk with a very abstract latte art (at least, I was able to make the milk form on top!).

This was made by Mike 🙂

I really had a blast. And that rush, oh the rush of doing something you really love – even if you’re not very good at it yet! It was a very informative and fun experience for me and the new friends I met in that afternoon. Thanks to Sanremo, Delonghi and ultimately, Concept Specialist for inviting me!


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