FUNDAMENTAL COFFEE: Artful Pursuit of Efficiency

G/F Retail 3, Park Terraces Tower Tower 1, Ayala Center, Makati | 7AM – 11PM (Mon-Sun)

NOTE: The below article has been originally published in this site last Sep 05, 2016 in the post entitled FNDMNTL: Streamlining Specialty Coffee with minor revisions.

Located in the developing Ayala Park Terraces right across Glorietta 2/Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Fundamental Coffee (which is also stylised as FNDMNTL) offers craft coffee with a more streamlined process. A bit polarising, yes? That’s what I thought at first too! When talking about craft, on the one hand, you would usually expect it to be something personalised. Something subjective that takes longer prep time. No barista pours the same way, right? On the other hand, scaling the process when it comes to retail coffee production entails a more defined outline of work. This results to a more consistent beverage with less the amount of time in preparation.


With high quality coffee equipment from La Marzocco and Marco all around the bar, the marriage of artful pursuit of third wave shops and the standard of efficiency often seen in second wave spots like Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, etc. will be celebrated by caffeine junkies and foodies alike at Fundamental!



DSC_0951The bar goes around the back of the main counter. On the right side upon entering, a big board of menu which is very much like the flight board status you see in airports. On the opposite end, there are high chairs facing the park. At the back of the bar, there are screen-like frames above small wall-installed tables for quick grabbers and lone wolves.

My personal favorite is their single origin coffee from Konga called Sublime – tea-like, a bit spicy (?) and has an interesting finish! You gotta try it to get what I mean.

Ordering coffee in Fundamental is very simplified and straightforward. You like it black or with milk? It’s either one or the other. Should you wish to add some chocolate, burnt honey, etc., you may choose from their add-ons and the barista will happily infuse it to your drink.

All in all, Fundamental Coffee is a force of its own – breaking new grounds and still finding creative and interesting ways on providing specialty coffee! I personally love the scaling concept without sacrificing the product quality. It just goes to show how the coffee industry in the country is growing and still has a lot of potential.

Article by Franz Domasian | Photos from Franz Domasian


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