HINELEBAN CAFE: Coffee with a Cause

830 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City | 7:00AM – 9:00PM (Mon-Fri), 9:00AM – 8:00PM (Sat-Sun)

Hineleban Cafe is one of the newest coffee places which opened in Makati this year. It’s located in the busy Arnaiz Avenue just across the Greenbelt area. They are sharing space with a bicycle and surf boutique. Just like with most of the coffee shops we have visited, you will find very engaging baristas here who are keen to share anything about coffee!



DSC_0964What sets Hineleban Cafe apart from the rest is its drive to preserve our forest (not just coffee farms!). For every bag of beans that you buy, a tree is planted. You can even monitor it! There’s a corresponding ID in the bag for the tree that will be planted on your behalf and you can check online. Click here!


Hineleban Cafe promotes local, honey-processed coffee beans especially sourced from Bukidnon. We tried a few brewing methods (ie. pourover, Aeropress and siphon) using the same Bukidnon beans in one of our visits. Siphon won it for me! It has a bolder texture with taste that are as colorful as the conversations we had with the people behind the bar!


We went back to Hineleban Cafe as our last stop for the inaugural run of our Coffee Crawl Series and the experience was just as awesome as the first one. Though we were tired from walking around Legaspi the whole day, Hineleban Cafe served as our resting place where we can reconvened and reflected on how the whole day went. With coffee still firing up our veins paired with delicious pandesal, we could not ask for a better culmination.

Treat yourself and the Earth one cup at a time by paying Hineleban Cafe a visit!

Article by Franz Domasian | Photos by Franz Domasian


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