134 Legazpi Street corner Palanca Street, Makati City | 7:00AM – 10:00PM (Mon-Sat), 7:00AM – 7:00PM (Sun)

Whenever I talk about The Curator Coffee & Cocktails, I always say that it is special for me. This is where I had my first sip of specialty coffee. This is where I was asked if I ever did a coffee crawl before and got inspired. In the two years or so that I have been going around places to find specialty coffee places, The Curator Coffee & Cocktails has grown physically.

In my earlier post, I described this place as a coffee shop hidden inside the Cyrano Wine Shop in the corner of Legazpi and Palanca Streets in Makati. Now, they have taken over the whole space! No need to peek in the glass wall to make sure you’re in the right place. There are still no signs in the street though. But it has become easier for people to find this little gem.


The Curator Coffee & Cocktails has an ampersand (&) as its logo to signify the beverages it curates – you guessed it – coffee and cocktails! They now serve coffee until 10PM! The new space has a very minimalist design with gray walls, wooden high tables and chairs and a corner seat for two.


Did you know that all coffees they serve are manually prepared? Yes, they use a manual espresso machine for their espresso-based drinks. There’s a lever that you need to pull to get a shot. Hence, the phrase “pull the shot”. This place doesn’t run out of quality coffee from the YKW Roasters. They also feature some guest beans from different roasters in the world from time to time.


When we arrived for the second stop of our #CoffeeCrawlSeries, we were gleefully met by their baristas! I was so happy when I learned that we can still have coffee in the original lair inside.


We are all so giddy we don’t know where to start. Giann, one of the friendly baristas, had us try their piccolo latte featuring the Dark Matter Theory signature espresso blend – a staple YKW blend for EDSA BDG partner shops.

We also got to try the Purple Haze blend brewed via Kalita 102. The burnt sugar aftertaste is a definite treat. Last, but not the least, we had a Shako-What-o, a cold beverage made up of Dark Matter Theory espresso, cold brew and coconut syrup. This is actually inspired by Starbucks’s Dark Mocha Frappuccino.


The Curator Coffee & Cocktails is perfect for the curious mind. They have baristas which are very generous in imparting knowledge to their customers. All you need to do is ask and you will find yourself sitting in the bar with cups over cups of coffee mesmerized by how intricate coffee can get.

Article by Franz Domasian | Photos from Franz Domasian


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