YARDSTICK COFFEE: Standard of Innovation

G/F Universal LMS Bldg., 106 Esteban Street, Makati City | 7:00AM – 11:00 PM (Mon – Sat), 8:00AM – 6:00PM (Sun)

Yardstick was founded in 2013 and is one of the first few specialty coffee places in the country. They are essentially a coffee company which has a workshop open to the public to showcase their daily dose of caffeine offers – from flat whites to filter coffees.


They are one of the local distributors of the La Marzocco coffee equipment (widely known for their quality espresso machines!). They also have an in-house training facility called The Y.A.R.D. (The Yardstick Academy of Resource and Development) which aims to improve the standards of the coffee culture in the country through trainings, various courses and certifications all year round. You may see their coffee experts conduct these sessions inside a small, glass-walled room when you visit their shop. A list of the upcoming trainings is also posted in the shop and in their social media sites.

If you are wandering in Yardstick’s Instagram and Facebook pages and wonder why they are posting about other coffee shops in the metro, it is because they also roast and supply coffee and training for these coffee shops. In the same space in Esteban Street, Yardstick has a roasting facility for their clients which ranges from other coffee shops to hotels and beach resorts.


Yardstick puts itself at the forefront of specialty coffee’s future. They are always fine-tuning their craft to keep up with the changes in the industry. When specialty coffee started to emerge years ago, there was a movement called third wave coffee culture which focuses on the story behind a cup through the appreciation of hand-brewed coffee. From those manual brew techniques came another initiative, that is, the automated brew. During our visit, we got to see and understand how a Steampunk works in their open coffee space. It’s like an automated siphon brew which lets you control the temperature, time and volume configured in a small screen. It’s such a beauty like a classic art with a twist!


DSCF2675DSCF2683We tried the Finca Vera Cruz coffee from Colombia via Steampunk. I love the muscovado finish on it! For espresso-based drinks, Yardstick makes a mean cup of flat white hugged in the Acme cups with a cool latte art on top.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous when you visit, try their Black Magic, a coffee and chocolate concoction or the affogato which you can have with either vanilla or mocha ice cream!

For home brewers, visit Yardstick’s online store to get their freshest coffee at your doorstep. Click here.

This is the place to visit when you want to understand specialty coffee a bit deeper. It is also highly recommended to people who are open to try coffee differently. Yardstick lives up to its name by being the measure of the coffee standards in the Philippines.

Article by Franz Domasian | Photos from Franz Domasian








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