What is Coffee Crawling?

Derived from the urban lingo “pub crawling”, coffee crawling is an activity where one or a group of people visits various coffee shops in a single day. My own coffee crawling focuses on specialty coffee shops, also known as third wave coffee houses, as each offers a unique experience in every visit.

Given that one cannot consume too much caffeine, I usually visit one to two third wave coffee shops during weekends. There are a wide variety of beans and blends from the same and/or different origins to try. It’s also a great opportunity to speak with like-minded people and make the experience extraordinary.

If you want to join me on my coffee crawling journey, just visit my Contact Information page.

2 thoughts on “What is Coffee Crawling?

  1. Never been to one. Please write a post about talking to like minded people, I have questions about etiquette, etc. How do you end up taking to a stranger in a coffee shop that’s like minded? How can you tell if someone’s worth taking to, how do you start the talking, and how do you get out of a conversation with a creep?

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  2. Hello Charlie! Thanks for the comment.

    Based on experience, it’s usually the barista who initiates the conversation. And how it flows depends on your interest in the topic. With third wave coffee shops, they are really generous on giving out information about the origin, how it’s roasted, etc. They’d even invite you to do a spontaneous latte art!

    Some shops also have a formal classroom training with a max of 4-5 students. This is where like-minded people usually meet. But most have informal mini-talks inside the shop wherein anyone can join. I think from there you’d meet somebody you can jive into.

    Creeps don’t usually frequent third wave coffee shops. Should there be any, just be polite and leave! 😀

    Hope this helps! 😉


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